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“Immigration is reaching worrying proportions"

Louis Aliot, vice-president of the French National Front (FN): “I will ensure that pro-independence campaign groups do not come and disturb democracy in France”

“Immigration is reaching worrying proportions"

Louis Aliot, viceprésident du Front National

- Why did more than 10 million people vote for the National Front?

Because they do not want suicidal politics that prioritise finances above people, that create inequalities and injustices affecting the most vulnerable and also threaten our national identity. And without a shameless campaign dominated by defamation and demonization we would have received more votes.

Are all your voters racists, xenophobes or from the extreme right as regularly quoted in the media?

It is a shame that they say this. Our voters are united by their identity, their traditions and their history. And in France they want to prioritise solidarity. Nothing else. All the other comments are digressions and slander from the left and false right.

Why did you get such good results in the Pyrénées-Orientales region, which we call North Catalonia?

Due to the fact that immigration is reaching worrying proportions, that communitarianism is in vogue, and our national identity and our local cultures are disappearing little by little. Because the economic and social situation is dramatic and the political parties both on the left and the right have failed. Finally, because of more or less visible friends at the moment, we are able to replace and reincarnate the future of a political class which is resigned and weak.

In any case, Marcon is the new president of the French Republic. What is going to happen now?

Nothing. Nothing more than we have had in the past given that he will follow the same politics, that of the UMPS.

 - Do you have possibilities in the parliamentary elections in June?

It will depend what the electorate say. But we could have representation in the 66 ‘departments’.

 - Is the French electoral system difficult for you?

It has been created to thwart us, to prevent us from being elected. But this will not be for much longer because politics will shortly lead us into an economic and social catastrophe. We will then embody the national flag, national solidarity and French fraternity.

Where is France heading?

For now towards a brick wall. Until our citizens recognise that they were deceived … little by little they will realise as the ambiguities and the truth   prevail.

What should we do with the European Union?

It has to be renewed, transformed and reoriented, however, a future Europe has to be based on nations and cooperation.

- I think that the French want the Euro

For the time being they don’t have any other option. But the economic signs of massive debt and the dominance of the financial sector will end up destroying this system.

 - Has Marine Le Pen provided strong leadership for the National Front?

Without her there is no National Front. But she will have to modernize everything and has a big reconstruction job to do.

Macron is the new Zapatero?

He is more like Matteo Renzi ... subordinate in the Europe of Brussels and global technocracy.

Has Manuel Valls just made a mistake?

Arrogant and impotent … he is useless and has managed to weaken France and damage the image of the Prime Minister.

Let me ask you a couple of questions about Catalonia: Do you think Catalonia will become independent?

It’s a Spanish-Catalan issue. I am not going to take sides on this one. However, I am going to ensure that the pro-independent campaign groups do not disturb democracy in France and the Pyrénées-Orientales. Also, I would make sure there is transparency in the corruption cases that affect Catalonia and that appear to have ramifications in Perpignan. A French investigation would have to take place.

¿Do you know Mr Joan-Daniel Bezsonoff? He is a French writer who writes in Catalan. He asked me to ask you the following question: What status should Catalan have in France?

A strongly rooted mark of identity that is able to be preserved and passed on despite a globalised system which depreciates people and their cultures and only considers the population as consumers. But I consider Catalan in France to have developed its own identity in the heart of our nation.

- Last question: I have just come from Torcatis bookshop in Perpignan. I don’t know if you like history, but let me ask you one last question: Napoleón o Madame de Staël?

Both are significant figures in our history. Napoleón made a synthesis of two histories and his influence is still felt today. / An interview by Xavier Rius 


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#4 Ruc de la Plana, Berga, 20/05/2017 - 08:29

Jo nomes entendre catala de la inmersio linguisstica, si us plaus podeu traduir?.
riusensvolsaixafar, marchemdeeuropa ja. Votem
What's the hell going on !!

#3 Pan con tomate y jamón Ibérico, Desenroscando barretinas, 19/05/2017 - 00:35

Katalonien ist ein autonomes gebiet multikulturell, warum nicht auf Deutsch?

Flüchtlinge willkommen, auch wenn sie Deutsche sind.

#2 Escèptic, Bcn, 19/05/2017 - 00:05

Why is the article in French?

#1 Pan con tomate y jamón Ibérico, Desenroscando barretinas, 18/05/2017 - 22:34

"Je veillerai à ce que des groupes indépendantistes ne viennent pas perturber la démocratie en France.

Je suis d'accord, et même les séparatistes ne devraient pas perturber la démocratie en Espagne.